The Best in Crypto – 1/12/18

Iceland: Crypto Mining Companies Will Consume More Energy Than Households in 2018

The naturally cold climate and access to renewable energy made Iceland an ideal location for crypto mining companies. Icelandic businessman of a local energy company predicts a doubling of energy consumption of up to 100 megawatts this year, more than the energy consumed by Iceland’s 340,000 residents’ personal use (Cointelegraph).

Mining Malware Tsunami Continues: ‘5000’ high-profile UK Websites Hit By Tainted Plugin

Cryptocurrency mining malware’s latest return strikes UK government and health websites, leaving over 5,000 sites affected (Cointelegraph).

T-Mobile’s Blockchain Work is Quietly Coming Together

The enterprise blockchain solution T-Mobile has been toiling away on for months is looking to be revealed soon. Stating several milestones are in the works, the senior architect of T-Mobile’s Hyper Directory said each fits into the company’s larger push to take advantage of open-source software (Coindesk).

Funny Name or Not, Schnorr May Be a Big Deal For Bitcoin 

The technology Schnorr Signatures looks to replace Bitcoin’s existing signature scheme with data that mashes signature data together (Coindesk).

Bitcoin is a Hassle… But Maybe Not For Long

Marketplace Tech host and reporter at Ars Technica discuss Bitcoin and Lightening Network  (Marketplace).

Bitcoin: Buy the Dip?  – 2 Out of 3 Crypto Crashes Like the Current One Ended Up Being a Multi-Year Bear Market

Evaluation on whether or not to buy Bitcoin during the dip (SeekingAlpha).

Bitcoin is Jumping – But the entire Crypto Market is ‘Sideways’

Analysis of the crypto market, with Bitcoin up by 8% and Ethereum up by 6.3% (Business Insider).

Bitcoin Inches Closer to $9,000, with Cryptos Higher Across the Board

Climbing up to $8,845 and Ethereum at $863 this morning, the cryptocurrency market is looking better (MarketWatch).


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