Shattering the Taylor Swift Ceiling (of Cryptocurrency)

Still from: “Look What You Made Me Do”

I am a 22-year-old female Advertising student. I write poems and listen to Taylor Swift. Numbers give me hives, I’ve yet to fully understand how the stock market works, and cryptocurrencies were something my tech-obsessed classmate talked about before class began. It’s not that I’m incapable of comprehending cryptocurrency – I just don’t fall under the demographic of those who would typically be interested in it.

However, something shifted as the buzz about Bitcoin rose during the last few months of 2017. Its value went up, and more people began talking about it, some talking about it with me. A friend of mine who blogs about financial markets under the pseudonym Goldfinger knew that I am a writer, and offered me a job of curating articles about cryptocurrencies. I could use the extra money, work remotely, and I trusted him. Why would I say no? I began watching Bitcoin documentaries, google searching what “blockchain” meant, and found myself gaining interest as I researched the topic. On the first day of 2018, the site 321Ethereum was live.

Eventually, Goldfinger suggested I invest in cryptocurrency myself. I laughed at the thought, I didn’t see myself becoming an investor. Would I be considered an ‘investor’? Am I going to become one of those cool ‘stock market people’ that I read about everyday? Will I officially be a part of the ‘crypto world’?

Whether or not my level of ‘cool’ would increase, I decided it’d be a good idea to get involved with something I write about everyday. Because of its reliability, in addition to Goldfinger’s push, I decided to use Coinbase. Making the account was extremely easy, except when it came to proving my identity. Retrieving my drivers license was not hard, but figuring out how to photograph the ID was. Five submissions and two days later, it turns out a horizontal, non-flash photo that you upload (not take on a webcam) is the winning shot. I then put in my credit card information because I would only be investing $100; I’m not necessarily an eat-Ramen-every-night financially struggling college student, but I have dabbled in my share of pre-packaged noodle soups.

Goldfinger is an Ethereum guy. Believing it is a “bigger, faster and improved version of Bitcoin”, I trusted him, and that is where I put my money. Because Goldfinger referred me, once the transaction went through, we were both immediately rewarded $10 in Bitcoin from Coinbase. The dashboard on Coinbase is clear enough to understand, showing the progress of cryptocurrencies in the market, in addition to what I have in my wallet (how much I invested, what I invested in, and what I now have in US dollars).

Thanks to last week’s market crash, I have lost money. Woohoo! It’s a volatile market, and I’m here for the ride. On the bright side, I’ve come a long way from a  girl who thought Ethereum mining required a chisel. Haters gonna hate.