The Best in Crypto – 4/18/18

Swiss Banking Industry to be Hurt the Most by Blockchain, Says Moody’s Report

A credit rating giant said Switzerland could be hurt more than any other country by cross-border Bitcoin transactions (Cointelegraph).

IMF’s Lagarde Counters Crypto Warnings with New Praise of ‘Potential Benefits’

Head of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde said, “Understanding the risks that crypto-assets may pose to financial stability is vital if we are to distinguish between real threats and needless fears. That is why we need an even-handed regulatory agenda, one that protects against risks without discouraging innovation.” (Cointelegraph).

Lightning + NFC? The New Plan to Bring Bitcoin to Retail

To ensure the most efficient operation of Bitcoin payments, developers are thinking of combining Lightning Network with near-field communication (Coindesk).

Cryptocurrency Exchange Investigation: US Authorities Launch Major Probe into Bitcoin Trading

13 major cryptocurrency exchanges are being investigated by the New York Attorney General Eric Shneiderman. Shneiderman stated,“With cryptocurrency on the rise, consumers in New York and across the country have a right to transparency and accountability when they invest their money” (The Independent).

Bitcoin Exchange Kraken Plans to Pull Out of Japan

Following Japan’s ramped up oversight over the country’s crypto exchanges, one of the largest crypto exchange platforms announced it was leaving Japan (Business Insider).

Bitcoin’s Wild Ride and What’s Ahead for the Cryptocurrency 

Another Bitcoin prediction (The Conversation).

Inside the Coal Power Plant Opening its Doors to Bitcoin Mining 

Issues arise as the IOT Group wants to turn an Australian decommissioned coal-fired power station into a “Bitcoin Application Center” (Cnet).

Ripple is More Likely to Convince Crypto Detractors Than Even Bitcoin 

Because of Ripple’s outstanding inversion of $62 billion, the CEO and founder of the deVere Group made positive forecasts for the coin (Global Coin Report).

Blockchain and the Future of the Future 

The unknowns of Blockchain (Medium: Chikodi Chima).

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